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We unite two joys of life:


Empower Ajiva Talks to inspire change and foster meaningful conversations. Your support makes a difference. Donate today and be a part of the dialogue that shapes tomorrow.

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Our Host

Nitin Raj Singh

Nitin Raj Singh is a multifaceted individual, renowned as the author of "Colonization Of India" and co-author of "Our First Coffee." Beyond his literary contributions, he passionately advocates for human rights, channeling his activism into meaningful change. As the founder and host of Ajiva Talks, Singh creates a platform that transcends boundaries, fostering insightful conversations with a diverse array of guests. His commitment to exploring and understanding different perspectives is evident in the 30+ interviews he has conducted, showcasing a dedication to the exchange of ideas. Singh's work not only reflects his intellectual depth but also underscores his role as a catalyst for dialogue, challenging societal norms and promoting a more inclusive and informed global community. With a blend of literary prowess, activism, and engaging dialogue, Nitin Raj Singh stands as a dynamic force shaping conversations and inspiring positive change.

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